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Pickle Festivals

  • NYC - Pickle Day
  • Baltimore - Big Dill
  • Pitt - PicklesBurgh
  • Boston Pickle Fair

NYC Pickle Day - 10/9/19

Pickle Day takes place annually in New York’s historic Lower East Side neighborhood and is the world’s largest pickle festival. Come on down to Orchard Street, October 6th, 2019

Baltimore, MD - 9/22/19

The Worlds Largest Pickle Party!

Get your ticket to the Big Dill Baltimore before they sell out! A limited number of tickets will be sold for each city.

Entrance to the Big Dill Baltimore is not guaranteed unless you have purchased a ticket beforehand. We are not responsible for any tickets purchased from a third party. Please bring a printed or digital copy of your ticket confirmation. All tickets must be scanned at the door for entrance into the festival. No Strollers will be permitted into the festival.

PicklesBurgh - Pittsburgh, PA

The Destination for All Things Pickled

Thank you for another wonderful year! Stay tuned for details about Picklesburgh in 2020.

Boston, MA
The Boston Pickle Fair is all about celebrating our favorite fermented things, pickles, Kimchi, Kraut, Veggies and whatever else tickles your fancy! Our hoedown style festival is a jam packed day filled with outdoor music, games, contests, vendors letting their brines shine, and so much more.

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