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Chili Cherry Fire
Chili Cherry Fire

Chili Cherry Fire

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Bring on the heat! Our Chili Cherry Fire is a smooth pickle brine that balances a sweet vinegar-based brine with a not so subtle kick of hot red pepper.

Brine Brothers Pickle Brine as seen on The Big Brain presented by Barstool Sports.
All Natural, Drinkable, Premium Pickle Brine.
  • Use Brine Brothers flavored pickle brine for pickle-back shots, mix with liquors to create cocktails and give your bloody mary a pickle punch.
  • Marinate proteins, pickle your own veggies, and check our food recipe pages to mix it with your favorite foods.
  • Stop muscle cramps fast! Pickle brine has 10x more electrolytes than sports drinks and is all natural, sugar free, and caffeine free.
  • Drink after a long night as a Hangover cure like our founders!
Ingredients: Water, Vinegar, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Crushed Red Pepper, Natural Spices.